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We are a collective of change-makers.  


We bring together professionals with diverse experiences and expertise to help you grow to be the best organization you can be. 


Get to know us below and reach out if you'd like to learn more. 

Marnie Williams
President & CEO

"Everything in our life is about relationship.  How well we navigate those relationships determines how successful we will be in our world both professionally and personally.  Work on creating healthy relationships and success and happiness will follow."

Throughout 30 years of experience working, teaching, and consulting within the non-profit world, I have experienced the power of effective communication and relationship-building.  As a management and leadership development consultant since 2004, it has been my joy to further cultivate this awareness through my work with non-profit, government, and corporate organizations. 

My strength lies in my ability to help individuals and organizations unlock their full potential.  I focus on building close relationships with my clients to understand their experience in their current environment.  Since every organization is different, I craft unique services that leverage communication and relationship-building to surface and address any challenges and opportunities they face.  Seeing my clients as more resilient, efficient, and connected to their community is the highlight of my work. 

If you are contemplating the next phases of growth for your organization, I encourage you to reach out so we can connect and learn more about the expertise I offer.  

Marcus Chaffee, M.A., B.A.

Throughout my non-profit career I have had the opportunity to be a part of incredible changes.  


What inspires me the most is helping individuals, teams, and organizations dream big and overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges through collective action.  I experienced this through my varied background implementing an outreach and enrollment campaign for health insurance reform in Nebraksa, expanding an organic farmer's market in Puerto Rico, and assisting with urban economic development initiatives in Chicago.

As a facilitator, I have had the opportunity to catalyze this process for non-profits in the fields of urban planning, higher education, health care, advocacy, food insecurity, and sustainable agriculture.  


I look forward to working with your organization to better understand  business and help you achieve your goals.  


We would be happy to connect with you to learn more

about your organization's needs and explore what  services we could offer you.


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